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A paper for every purpose

Multi-Purpose Paper

Be ready for any job with the Hammermill® multi-purpose line. They’re great for jobs that demand double-sided printing or use minimal color.

  • Premium MP ream

    Premium Multi-Purpose

    Available in 20 and 24 lb. options, this versatile high-brightness sheet has a blue-white shade, heavy basis weight and is designed to provide optimal performance with all office equipment.

  • Fore MP ream

    Fore® Multi-Purpose

    Also available in 20 and 24 lb. options, this high-quality, multi-purpose paper offers dependable performance and has good opacity to minimize show-through.

  • Premium Inkjet & Laser ream

    Premium Inkjet & Laser

    This 24 lb., high quality paper can stand up to heavy applications of ink or toner to produce documents that look great and stand out.

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Purpose-built for sustainability

The working forests we source from for our multi-purpose line are sustainably managed, protect animal habitats and act as responsible stewards of their lands.

Through our aggressive commitments to reforestation and reduced water usage, we’re blazing a trail towards 100% sustainable production for all paper manufacturing.

Hammermill multi-purpose paper

Features and benefits

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    With this technology, ink dries faster (preventing smudges and smears), black ink appears bolder and colors are more vivid.
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    Maximum Brightness

    The brighter a paper is, the better the image contrast and the truer the color reproduction. Brightness is measured on a scale from 0 to 100 points. All of our multipurpose sheets are rated 96 to 97.
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    99.99% Jam-Free®

    We guarantee that you won’t experience more than one jam in 10,000 sheets on high-speed digital equipment or we’ll replace the paper or offer a refund up to the total purchase price.

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