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Make a premium impression

Premium paper

Printing, holding and reading documents is a tactile experience. That’s why it’s important to show your best work in the best possible light with Hammermill® Premium Papers. They bring increased weight, maximum brightness and superior image fidelity to your most important documents, giving them the attention they deserve.

Dress your documents for success

Hammermill Premium Papers elevate your work and help every project stand out.


Features and benefits

  • icn-Weight_v2

    Increased weight

    Generally speaking, the heavier a paper is, the more important the content printed on it. So when you use our heavier premium papers, your documents literally carry more weight.

  • icn-Brightness_v2

    Maximum brightness

    The brighter a paper is, the better the image contrast and the truer the color reproduction. Brightness is measured on a scale from 0 to 100 points. All of our premium sheets are rated from 98 to 100.
  • icn-Fidelity_v2

    Superior fidelity

    A combination of maximum brightness for excellent contrast and an ultra-smooth surface for an even, high-quality print delivers precise color and impactful imagery.
  • icn-JamFree_v2

    99.99% JAM-FREE®

    We guarantee that you won’t experience more than one jam in 10,000 sheets on high-speed digital equipment or we’ll replace the paper or offer a refund up to the total purchase price.
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    This paper is proudly made in the USA and Forest Stewardship Council® Certified to be sourced from infinitely renewable and sustainable tree farms.
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    Exceptional finish

    These papers are super bright for excellent image contrast and color reproduction. Their super smooth surface provides for excellent toner adhesion and a more stable surface for heavier toner applications.

Sustainably premium

You can feel as good about your premium paper selection as your work looks on it. The tree farms we source from are sustainably managed, protect animal habitats and act as responsible stewards of their lands.

Through our dedicated commitments to reforestation and reduced water usage, we’re blazing a trail towards 100% sustainable production for all paper manufacturing.

  • img-1000x1000_PremiumColorCopy

    Premium Color Copy

    Available in 28 lb. and 32 lb. options, this ultra-smooth paper is perfect for high-end documents like design proposals and brochures.

  • img-1000x1000_PremiumColorCoverCopy

    Premium Color Copy Cover

    Available in 60-lb., 80-lb. and 100-lb. sheets, this durable cover-weight paper is designed for color copiers and laser printers.

  • img-1000x1000_PremiumLaserPrint

    Premium Laser Print

    Available in 24 lb., 28 lb., and 32 lb. options, this paper gives important work a heft you can feel.


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