Why Choose
Hammermill® Paper?

It looks fantastic and it works...
every. single. time.

A quality paper is defined by how it looks and by how it performs. We worry about paper so you don't have to. Our team of scientists, chemical engineers, and expert technicians perform up to 1,000 tests every day, on all kinds of equipment, to make sure our papers perform at the highest level.

We love paper, but even more than that, we love what people do with it. People like you.

Hammermill paper is perfect for capturing ideas, organizing thoughts, being creative, increasing productivity, and sharing thoughts with others.

Not all paper is the same. When you want quality you need Hammermill paper.


Whether it's a presentation, a résumé or a birthday card, quality paper makes your work look better. It feels better. And people can really tell the difference. Showing your work at its best also shows people that you take pride in your work. In short, when your work looks good, you look good.


Who has time for paper jams or wrinkled or smeared printing? Using a quality paper can also be a real time-saver. Choose a paper that works. Hammermill papers are engineered and tested to work well... every time, and they're backed with our 99.99% JAM-FREE® guarantee.


At Hammermill paper we test more than 13.5 million sheets of paper every year. We make sure that each sheet of paper is consistent in shade, formation, uniformity, porosity, smoothness, brightness and more. Then we test our papers on all kinds of printers and copiers to ensure that our paper will show your work at its best.

What Does 100 Years
of Quality Look Like?


How It's Made

Making quality paper is extremely important to us, but just as important is how we make it. Our papers are made with renewable resources from sustainably managed forests. We want our business to last for generations to come and that means taking good care of our environment.



We're your local paper company. We make all our paper here in the United States, and that provides jobs and income to our local communities. We work hard to improve these communities because we want our friends and neighbors to do well too!



We couldn't do this alone. Our partners are very important to us. They're the people who help us get our paper to you, whether it's in the store, at the office or on your doorstep. Together we try to find new and better ways to get you the things you need to succeed.


Causes We Can Grow With

Recently, Hammermill® paper took the opportunity to better align the causes we support with our brand’s core values. So it’s only natural that we decided to team up with two new sustainability partners: the North American Forest Foundation (NAFF) and One Tree Planted.

With the NAFF, we’re committed to educating the next generation about sustainable forestry. And with One Tree Planted, we’re making it easier for anyone to help the environment by planting trees.

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