How to Make Your Office More Sustainable

Efforts to create a more sustainable office can help the environment while contributing to a positive workplace culture. From lowering your energy consumption to carpooling to work, there are many ways to make your office greener. We’ve compiled some of the best ways for your office to become more sustainable. Find out how to inspire colleagues to get involved, and raise awareness for sustainability efforts at your office.

Recycle and Reuse

Create signs in your office to show your co-workers how they can recycle or reuse office supplies. A centralized recycling bin, or if possible, bins in every office can help encourage everyone to recycle. There are many ways to reuse office supplies, and some of the easiest ways involve paper. Reuse paper for bookmarks and smaller scraps for making tiny notes to yourself. If your office kitchen is using plastic utensils, see if you can switch to reusable cutlery. Your office manager may be able to help you with implementing sustainable initiatives like these.

Lower Energy Consumption

One way to lower energy consumption is to make sure the lights are turned off when the last person leaves the office. You can help too by making sure your computer is turned off every time you leave for the day. Create a shutdown checklist for holidays so you can ensure everything not being used, like computers and printers, gets turned off when everyone leaves. Make sure colleagues are aware of the energy saving opportunities at your office by providing a list in the break room.

Carpool or Bike to Work

Sharing rides to work is a great way to cut down on your carbon footprint. Send an email around the office to see who is interested. If you have enough people interested, you can coordinate routes and start a ride sharing board to display in an office common area. Bicycling to work is not only a sustainable option, but a healthy one, too. You can bring a change of clothes with you and take a shower if there are facilities in your office or nearby.

Create a Sustainability Committee

Effective communication can help your sustainable initiatives become part of your office culture. Start a monthly newsletter to help share sustainable tips, and help generate awareness for your office’s efforts. Starting a committee to oversee and coordinate sustainable projects and tasks can help encourage your colleagues to get involved. Meet every month to go over current projects and discuss sustainable ideas. The more involvement you can get, the more sustainable your office can be.

We hope these tips will help you and your colleagues join together and make a commitment to sustainability at your office. For more ideas on how to reuse paper at work, be sure to check out our tips here.

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