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Deck the Halls with Proper Grammar: Our Guide to Holiday Cards

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. − The holidays are a time to connect and reflect on what matters most. Reaching loved ones near and far, paper connects us to one another and is an enduring bond to renewable natural resources.

Holiday cards are a great way to make people feel special, valued and appreciated during the holiday season. Picking the right words – and paper – is essential to delivering a dose of holiday cheer to friends, co-workers and loved ones.

Sylvamo and Hammermill® are here to help curate the perfect, foolproof holiday card.
Don’t be a grammar grinch. 

Don’t quell holiday cheer with unwarranted pluralization and punctuation. Watch out for these common mistakes when writing holiday cards this year:

No apostrophes are needed. EVER.

For most last names, simply add an "s"

Anderson -> The Andersons
Mitchell -> The Mitchells
Walker -> The Walkers

For last names ending in S, CH, SH, X or Z add an "es"

Davis -> The Davises
Koch -> The Koches
Walsh -> The Walshes
Maddox -> The Maddoxes
Hernandez -> The Hernandezes 

When in doubt, always stick with "The ______ Family."

Only use an apostrophe to denote possession.
For last names, pluralize using the rules above, and add an apostrophe at the end  (e.g. The Davises’ House or
The Andersons’ Annual Party).

Paper that is sure to make the ‘Nice List’ 

Whether handmade or printed, be picky when choosing the type of paper. As the only company in the world solely focused on paper, see below for Sylvamo’s top recommendations:



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