What does it take to make your work look its best?

That's the question at the heart of Hammermill®. For over 100 years Hammermill has led the way in using science to develop papers that make your work look great. Over the years, the science and technologies we use keep changing, but our focus on quality remains the same.

The same care that goes into making premium paper also goes into making a good company. At Hammermill we produce paper that performs at the highest level. But how we make our paper and how we treat each other, our associates and our communities, are as important as the products we make. We believe that being a good company is the only way to become a great company. Take a look below to see how Hammermill is always working to do and be our best.


The Hammermill story begins with its first paper production in December of 1899. The company grows rapidly to over 500 employees over the decade. Hammermill was the first company to introduce profit sharing and also offered employees paid vacations, sick leave and bonuses to hourly employees at a time when these were not common. Meanwhile, a new, patented watermarking process leads to greater efficiency in production.

Driven by Ideas

From the beginning, Hammmermill has taken pride in standing behind our products. The spirit of innovation that leads to making premium paper extends to helping our partners sell it. This decade sees new and better ideas in marketing, with the selling of Hammermill Bond through a network of franchised agents supported by the first national advertising campaign for a paper company.

The Science of Success

A full suite of branded products coordinated with national advertising helps Hammermill continue to grow to over 1000 employees. Full color ads in the Saturday Evening Post are eye catching and effective at spreading the word about Hammermill. At the same time, our dedication to science and testing sees Hammermill grow from a one-room, one-man lab operated by Dr. Behrend to two separate labs with dozens of specialists working diligently to ensure the quality and performance of our papers.

The Great Depression

The difficult economic climate of the Great Depression tests the company's resolve. Hammermill's spirit of innovation extends to staffing, with reduced shift hours to keep more people employed.

War Time Effort

Hammermill supports the nation during the difficult times of the Second World War. Hammermill joins GE and others in designing and producing many items to support the war effort, from paper to plywood boats. Meanwhile, over one quarter of Hammermill's employees join up to serve their nation.

The Limitless Future

The world is abuzz with excitement over what science can do to transform our lives. Hammermill harnesses the power of science to develop the first xerographic copier papers (what we call "copy paper") as Haloid-Xerox Company's partner. Xerographic copy paper introduces a new concept for merchandising: cut-size paper. But the plans for developing self-driving personal hovercraft are running a little behind.

Hammermill Goes Pop

The MadMen era of pop culture takes off and Hammermill helps lead the way with advertising as bold and bright as our paper. Anticipating trends to come, Hammermill looks to the future of our environment and establishes modern forest management technology at its woodlands to ensure adequate future supplies.

Tailor-Made High-Performance

The Hammermill commitment to quality extends to an ever-wider range of products as we work to meet growing needs. We continue working closely with copier manufacturers to design “tailor-made” products ideally suited for their machines, introducing a variety of sizes, grades, weights, colors and finishes.

Leading the Revolution

Hammermill is once again at the forefront of technology as the desktop revolution brings the power of the PC to millions. Hammermill leads the way with new and better high-performance papers designed for computer printers. Hammermill, now a part of International Paper (IP), continues to be a leading manufacturer of fine writing papers.

The Office Comes Home

It is a time of technological upheaval as use of the Internet becomes widespread. At the same time, consumers are offered unprecedented capability in their own offices and homes. Value and performance are paramount; projects that used to go to the service bureau are now handled in-house. Hammermill continues to set the standard for performance with a suite of products and tools to help your business perform at the highest level, even if that business is in your garage.

Sustainable Growth

As more people do more work in more locations than ever, Hammermill continues to raise the bar with scientific innovations like ColorLok® technology, developed in partnership with HP®, to improve print quality. We also work to increase awareness that paper use helps to keep U.S. forests growing sustainably– for each mature tree harvested, several new ones are planted.

Paper Goes Digital

The digital age sets new expectations for the quality of printing and Hammermill is there, helping you achieve printshop quality in the office, at school, or at home. Consumers look for better value and performance, and Hammermill leads the way with our 99.99% JAM-FREE® guarantee. Innovations abound, from Great White® 100, made from 100% recycled post- consumer pulp, to papers designed specifically for a new generation of digital printers. Hammermill bridges the digital divide by helping people print from anywhere with the new Hammermill Print mobile printing app.

Bringing Hammermill into the digital age

Using the power of Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) we introduced a series of animals for the new packaging. Using CGI provides greater flexibility than traditional photography and helps bring the animals of the Hammermill Habitat to life.

Looking Forward

With all the technical innovation, and the rapidly changing world around us, the most important things for us have not changed: our commitment to quality and our focus on improving the lives of the people who make, sell, and use Hammermill paper.

We believe that those same core values that have made Hammermill a success for the past 100 years will continue to serve us well for the next 100 years.

Every day more people are using digital technology on a wider range of devices to make and do more in more places than ever before. We look forward to anticipating your needs and providing the premium products that will make sharing ideas and showing your work at its best easier and better than ever.