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Hammermill® is putting up trees this holiday season, too.

Winter in Ticonderoga

This time of year, everyone is putting up trees, including us. However, the forest products industry doesn't put up trees around the holidays. We do it year round, and when you use Hammermill paper, you are helping us!

Here’s how.

Hammermill paper fiber is sourced from sustainably-managed, privately-owned forests. 

By providing the owners of these forests with an economic incentive to continue the sustainable cycle of harvesting and regrowing trees, we all help to keep forests healthy and thriving.

By the way, over the past 60 years, forest area in the United States has increased by over 3%. In fact, over 1.7 million trees are planted in working forests every single day!

Gifts from the forest

During this season of gift-giving, we’re reminded of the many gifts that forests give us year-round, and the reason why we want to give back to them! These are 5 of our favorites. 

  1. Forests are one of nature's most efficient carbon capture systems.
  2. Forests sustain biological diversity and genetic resources.
  3. Forests purify water.
  4. Forests have a positive impact on our mental health.
  5. Forests provide endless opportunities for recreation, education, and cultural enrichment.

The gift of sustainable forestry

While forests themselves give us many gifts, but lesser-known are the benefits of forestry and the forestry industry! These are our top 3. 

  1. The forestry industry provides millions of people with jobs.
  2. The thinning and harvesting of trees promotes the growth of food sources for forest wildlife.
  3. By thinning and removing underbrush, forestry also reduces the likelihood of wildfires, and slows their spread when they do occur.

Hammermill supports responsible forest stewardship by protecting forestlands and ecosystems, championing best practices, and promoting third-party certification. 

The way we see it, we’re all part of one ecosystem. And if that ecosystem isn’t preserved, neither is our livelihood. When you are considering all that the forest ecosystem provides, it only makes sense that we should return the favor with responsible stewardship.  

So choose sustainably produced Hammermill paper. And join our mission to keep forests healthy and thriving. 


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