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Hammermill Paper is Made, and Remade, and Remade, in America

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Back in 1898, five years before the Wright brothers took off at Kitty Hawk, three brothers from Germany founded the Hammermill Paper Company in Erie, Pennsylvania. As immigrant success stories go, the Behrend brothers rank right up there in the history of American business. Especially since, more than 120 years later, Hammermill paper is still being made in America.

That’s definitely something we take pride in. But being made in America is more than a point of pride. It provides our customers with real, concrete benefits. For example, unlike imported papers, the Hammermill brand helps to employ thousands of American workers in forests and mill towns across the country. Plus, each of our mill jobs supports 3.25 more jobs in supplier industries and local communities. 

Also, unlike imported papers, the paper mills that produce Hammermill are strategically located near sustainably-managed forests. That means shorter transportation distances, which lead to less fuel usage, reduced emissions, and a healthier planet.

But the biggest benefit of being made in America is this: Hammermill paper helps to preserve American forests. This may sound counter-intuitive, but the claim is a sound one. First, our entire business model depends a sustainable supply of paper fiber from healthy forests. 

And second, 90% of Hammermill paper fiber is sourced from sustainably-managed, privately-owned forestland. By providing forest landowners with an economic incentive to continue the sustainable cycle of harvesting and regrowing trees, they are less likely to sell their land for development or agriculture—instances where the forests would be lost forever.

So if you buy Hammermill paper during June, or July—or any month for that matter—take pride in the fact that you’re helping to support American workers, protect the American environment and preserve American forests. Hammermill is paper made right. And right here in the U.S.


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