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Here's How Choosing The Right Paper Gives You Power

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Unlike digital, print has a superpower: it provides a unique opportunity to activate people’s senses. And, even subconsciously, many of our reactions and actions are guided by sensory information. Sure, digital print uses sight, but physical print offers a tangible way to make your project look good, feel good, and stand out.

Hammermill® paper is perfect for capturing ideas, organizing thoughts, being creative, increasing productivity, and sharing thoughts with others. But not all paper is the same. When you want quality, you need Hammermill paper.

The Hammermill brand makes choosing the right paper easy. First, because all of our paper is sustainably sourced and third-party certified. Second, because we have the right paper for every job. And third, because our papers are divided into three usage categories: Everyday, Multi-Purpose, and Premium.

So, does your project fit into the Everyday, Multi-Purpose, or Premium category? Ask yourself these questions to choose the right paper for the job.

Are you using paper for general copying, faxing, proofing, emails, and notes?

img-400x400_8.5x11_Copy Plus_20lb

Choose Everyday. 

Copy Plus® and Tidal® are two popular choices. These 20-lb. papers feature ColorLok® technology, for blacker blacks and brighter colors, plus a 92 brightness rating and our 99.99% JAM-FREE® Guarantee. They’re perfect for everyday documents.

To find Everyday Paper, look for the blue paper frame!


Printing newsletters, direct mail, invoices, forms, and flyers?


Choose from our Multi-Purpose line. 

In the Multi-Purpose category, Multi-Purpose, Fore® Multi-Purpose and Premium Multi-Purpose are real workhorses. Available in 20-lb. and 24-lb. options, both papers feature ColorLok®, less show-through, a brightness rating of 96 to 97, and our 99.99% JAM-FREE® Guarantee.

To find Multi-Purpose paper, look for the orange paper frame! 


Printing presentations, color photos, marketing, proposals, and reports?


Choose from our Premium line. 

If you want to share your work at its best, don't skimp on the paper. Choosing a high-quality paper shows that you care about your work. It makes a real difference, and people notice. Hammermill Premium Color Copy is a brighter, heavier, and smoother high-tech sheet designed for important customer-facing documents.

To find Premium paper, look for the green paper frame! 


Looking for an eco-friendly paper?

086700_GreatWhite_20lb_8-5x11_RM-REV2 (1)

Choose Hammermill’s Great White® paper.

The dependable, everyday sheet runs efficiently through all equipment. Available in 30% and 100% recycled content options, this office paper works as hard as you do. The precise, accurate sheeting, consistent moisture content, and curl control ensure smooth, trouble-free performance. It’s paper you can feel good about using.

To find Great White paper, look for the shark! 


Remember, not all paper is the same. Taking a little extra time to choose the right paper for the job can give you great results. Results that other people will really notice. Need help? Use our Paper Match tool, the quickest and easiest way to match a paper to your specific needs—and to make sure all your projects end up looking fantastic.


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