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Want a jam-free 2022? Get back to business with Hammermill® paper.

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Kick off 2022 with a plan to make your work look great—and get it done right the first time, every time. We know where you can start.

First of all, quality work deserves quality paper. If you want to share your work at its best, don't skimp on the paper. Choosing a high-quality paper shows that you care about your work. 

Printing something important like a customer-facing document? Choose a paper from our premium line. They're designed for superior color reproduction and make your work look better. 

Using a quality paper can also be a real time-saver. There are few things more frustrating than fighting with paper jams. The good news is, Hammermill® paper is made to provide jam-free performance every time and is backed by our 99.99% JAM-FREE® Guarantee. 

To save you some time and frustration this year, we’ve put together a list of three common paper jam problems and their solutions.

Problem 1: Misfeeds.

Most printer paper gets sheeted on high-speed precision sheeters and packaged all at once. Sometimes, sheets can get stuck together in the manufacturing process. 

Solution: Before loading, fluff or fan the paper lightly. This way, the sheets can separate while feeding.

Problem 2: Moisture-caused paper jams.

Most digital papers are manufactured to a moisture level of 4.5% and wrapped in a ream wrap that has a barrier to maintain that level.  When a ream of paper is opened and taken out of the wrapper or the wrapper is left open the paper can absorb moisture from the surrounding environment. This can lead to high curl and paper jams.

Solution: Tape the ends of the partially used ream closed to protect the paper from humidity. 

Problem 3: Paper is curled when it comes out of the printer or copier

When paper is being printed, it tends to curl toward the heat of the fuser. Hammermill paper is manufactured with a slight curl on one side of the sheet.

Solution: Whenever you open a ream of paper, be sure to take note of which side is facing the back seam of the wrapper. Load the paper so that this side is printed first. The paper will perform at its best this way. If you’re seeing a lot of jams, flip the stack of paper inside the paper tray over.

Get the job done right the first time, every time. Count on our 99.99% JAM-FREE® GUARANTEE for trouble-free printing.


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