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A New Year Done Right with Paper Made Right™

One Tree Planted candid

After the ball has dropped, the confetti has cleared, and Auld Lang Syne has played through, a new year begins—bringing with it new challenges, new opportunities and of course, new resolutions. 

Take a look at what Hammermill® is aiming to achieve in 2023—our 125th year in business.

Partnering with One Tree Planted

This coming year, we’re setting out to create new wildlife habitat, restore forests and make a social impact on the world. Through our new partnership with One Tree Planted, all of this is possible. 

Founded in 2013, One Tree Planted’s vision is to make it easy for anyone to better the environment through the simple act of planting trees—40 million have been planted so far. With every dollar donated, a tree is planted. Operations span the globe. Partners help grow and plant saplings in 47+ countries.

We’re proud to be giving $50,000 to this worthy cause in 2023. We encourage you to join in and contribute, too.

Promoting Sustainable Forestry

In 2023, we’re continuing our efforts to embrace and promote sustainable forestry—it’s a top priority. 

Through our partnership with the North American Forest Foundation, the free Truth About Trees kit will continue to teach kids across the country about forest sustainability, preservation and renewal. This way, we’ll help ensure that the next generation of forest stewards will continue to build on the progress we’ve already made over the past 52 years—today, there’s 20% more forest land compared to 1970.

Reducing Our Footprint

In the 2010s, we were successful in reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by nearly one quarter. But this year—and throughout the 2020s—there’s more to be done. It’s why we’re committed to reducing our footprint by another 3.5% this year to total an additional 35% (compared to 2019 levels) by 2030.

Make Your List

It’s so important to write down your New Years’ Resolutions. Why? According to a report from USA Today, folks who write them down on paper are over 2X more likely to achieve their goals than those who simply make a mental note or verbalize them.

So grab your pen and some Paper Made Right™. We’ve made our list for year 125—now go make yours.



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