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Our New Educational Partnership

NAFF partnership with kids in a forest

Given our commitment to sourcing our paper from sustainably managed working forests, it’s only natural that Hammermill® paper is teaming up with the North American Forest Foundation (NAFF) to educate the most important audience on the planet — school kids across the country who will become tomorrow’s stewards of our forests. Our initial joint effort? To promote and send the NAFF’s science-based Truth About Trees kit to as many teachers as possible.

The Mission of the NAFF 

The North American Forest Foundation exists to nurture the next generation through education. More specifically, they’re changing the hearts and minds of today’s young people about the importance of sustainable forestry and wood products. As the NAFF so creatively puts it, helping kids become “exTREEmely smart” creates a healthier future for them, the industry, and the planet.

Our Common Message

Hammermill paper is one of the forest products that the NAFF supports. We’re committed to making paper that’s right for the people who use it, and for the planet we all share. And like the NAFF, we strive to educate people about sustainably sourced paper, including the fact that it doesn’t deplete forests, but preserves and renews them. 

Paper Helps Students Learn

Appropriately enough, the Truth About Trees kit is made of paper. And as multiple scientific studies have shown, students of all ages learn better on paper than they do on screens. In fact, they absorb more information, recall it more easily, and retain it for longer periods of time. Students are also less likely to be distracted with paper, as compared with screens, not to mention the fact that it’s much easier on their eyes.

Our Most Important Renewable Resource

Let’s put this all in perspective. Thanks to Hammermill paper’s partnership with the NAFF, students will not only learn that trees are the world’s most renewable natural resource, they’ll learn it more easily because it’s being taught on paper, a product of that very same renewable resource.

Lessons, and partnerships, don’t get much more serendipitous than that.

A teacher yourself? Head over here to request your Truth About Trees kit.


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