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It’s Great Outdoors Month.

Forest with trees in shape of a heart

June is Great Outdoors Month, a time for getting outside to experience and celebrate what nature has to offer!

This celebration of nature began as Great Outdoors Week in 1998, to give a boost to the economy and the outdoor recreation industry.

Governors across the country have been honoring the great outdoors in June since 2008, and on June 5th in 2019, the US Senate officially proclaimed June 2019 as 'Great Outdoors Month'.

National Great Outdoors Month reminds us to explore our nation’s abundant wilderness and millions of acres of public lands, including more than 400 national parks, more than 500 national wildlife refuges, and dozens of national recreation areas. 


Increasing the Quality of Your Time Outdoors.

According to the Greater Good Science Center, being in nature has a profound impact on our brains and our behavior, helping us to reduce anxiety and stress, and increasing our attention capacity, creativity, and our ability to connect with other people. 

Summers can be busy, but the great news is that you don’t need tons of free time to enjoy these benefits. It's not about how much time you have to spend outside, it’s about the quality of awareness and attention you bring to the  time you do have. 

We live in a world of screens and constant stimulation, so being fully present when we're outside can be difficult. Get the most out of your time outside by focusing on your senses. 

Feel the ground beneath your feet, see the leaves blowing in the breeze, listen to the sounds of the wilderness, breathe in the fresh air, and experience nature to its fullest—whether you have hours to explore outside, or just a few minutes in the morning before heading off to work. 


Increasing the Quantity of Your Time Outdoors.

You can increase the amount of time you spend outside in creative ways. Even with a busy schedule, there are great ways to sneak in time outdoors. 

If your days are packed, look for opportunities to sneak outside throughout your day. For example, if you have the freedom or flexibility in your job, take your work outdoors. 

If you don’t have that flexibility, try beginning your day by taking your morning coffee outside. You could also consider biking to work, taking walks during breaks, and looking for any other opportunities to swap any time indoors for time outdoors. 


Celebrating Stewardship.

When we are celebrating all that nature provides, it only makes sense that we should return the favor with responsible stewardship. Whether it be taking part in volunteer programs or simply choosing to use more sustainable products, we can all be stewards of the environment.

Great Outdoors Month’s celebration of nature aligns perfectly with the Hammermill® brand’s goal to foster sustainable forests, healthy ecosystems and thriving communities. 

At Hammermill, our love of trees goes beyond their use in making paper. And our commitment to sustainable production is more than sheet deep. 

As we enjoy the great outdoors—from national parks to our own backyards—let’s all commit to making the world a more sustainable place for generations to come. Choosing sustainably-sourced Hammermill paper is an easy way to start!


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