Paper is Power™

The Paper is Power™ Kits are a curriculum of fun and interesting activities for middle school and elementary students. The kits help young students develop fine motor skills and discover key scientific processes as they learn about paper, and for middle schoolers focuses on developing writing skills. Learn more about these exciting kits below.

Why Paper is Power™

Paper is Power™ brings excitement and education together, teaching essential basic skills through a set of fun and interesting activities. But there’s a lot more to it than just fun and games.

We developed this curriculum to help teachers, with step-by-step lesson plans, objectives, and directions. The Paper is Power™ Kit for middle schoolers is focused on writing and teaches essential organization skills.

Paper is Power™ in Action

We visited students at an elementary school on Earth Day to share the importance of paper in schools as part of our Paper is Power™ campaign. Check out the awesome thank you notes we received from the students.

Paper is Power™ Kit for Elementary School

It all began when we received a letter from a little girl named Emma begging us to stop cutting down trees. We took her words to heart. We realized that many students, like Emma, do not understand the differences between working forests and the forests they might find in a national park. They may not realize that trees are an important part of products that people depend on every day. And most importantly, that you can have both healthy forests and products made from trees by taking care of the lands where they are grown!

We developed a set of fun, engaging lessons to help teachers show Emma and others about where paper comes from, how it’s made, and the many ways paper can be used! These fun activities help students learn about math, scientific processes, and language skills, as well as understand more about paper, working forests, and other things that should fit well with your lesson plans.

Elementary School Kit Includes:

  • A Teacher Guide
  • Classroom Poster: How Paper is Made
  • The Story of Paper Coloring Book
  • Activity: How to Make and Test a Paper Airplane
  • Activity: How to Make a Cellphone Stand with Paper
  • Activity: Make a Foldable Book
  • Activity: Using Fortune Tellers for Education
  • Activity: How to Make a Paper Hat
  • Activity: How to Make Paper

Paper is Power™ Kit for Middle School

Learning how to organize your thoughts, then write them down and edit them can open a lot of doors in the future. The middle school Paper Is Power™ curriculum focuses on developing this important set of skills and emphasizes the value of writing and editing on paper. Kit lessons include dedicated sections on fiction, nonfiction and poetry and provide educators with the tools they need to make these lessons interesting and successful. The kit also highlights 3 famous authors who were masters at revision: Lucy Maud Montgomery, Frederick Douglass, and Wilfred Owen.

Middle School Kit Includes:

  • A Teacher Guide
  • A Student Workbook

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